“When Council refused our ‘subdivision application’ (MCU + ROL) whilst another project nearby (in similar steep and difficult country) was under construction, it suggested to me we change consultants.  I went looking for the consultants who undertook the design layout, stormwater and civil works designs for this other project. This was our introduction to Knobel Consulting.  We engaged these consultants and our project at Maudsland is now almost built out.

There are some principles underpinning our experience.  These are:

  • Choice of consultant is crucial to project success.
  • Consultants are not homogeneous, some can and will succeed, where others can’t.
  • As a developer, I find best results come from dealing with the principal of a smaller, integrated and motivated firm, like Knobel Consulting: this is a prerequisite to achieving superior outcomes.
  • I prefer to work in a partnership approach with a high level of co-operation, as this will maximise efficiency (in the use of funds and time) and minimise risk.
  • The ‘partnership’ approach enables the development of a close working relationship with mutual respect.  It can be very satisfying – ‘fun’, to work closely with consultants where alternative ways of resolving issues and problems can be explored and quickly implemented.

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Knobel Consulting”.

Doug Murphy, Director – Maudsland Pty Ltd

“Halcyon chose to appoint Knobel Consulting to its team for the design and construction of its Master Planned Community, Halcyon Waters at Hope Island because of their strong local presence on the Gold Coast. This, plus demonstrated experience in large scale earthworks design and construction and the provision of associated drainage, sewer and pavement design and construction provided us with a consultant that would produce quality outcomes for our home owners and satisfy Gold Coast City Council requirements.”

John Radinoff, Flovac Systems

“The association between Lunds Constructions and Knobel Consulting was borne many years ago when Mr Bill Knobel was supervising construction of a sewerage rising main at Ocean Shores being undertaken by Lunds Constructions.

Today Lund Constructions have been involved in a number of major projects where Knobel Consulting have been the Project Engineers.  These include the successful completion of Belrose Park Estate and  Marina Quays Boulevard at Hope Island.  The works involved roadworks, drainage and construction of a vacuum sewerage system.  On the southern side of the recently completed four laning of Broadwater Avenue, Lund Constructions have recently completed the filling and preloading of the Halcyon Way extension for Halcyon Days Pty Ltd and managed by Knobel Consulting.

The interaction of the Supervision Engineer, Knobel Consulting, and our staff has been of the highest standard and bears testimony to the standards maintained by Knobel Consulting.”

Craig Lund, Hazell Bros Lund Constructions

“I have had the benefit of being involved with Knobel Consulting for the past two years.

Their knowledge of the area and expertise in dealing with Councils has been nothing but extraordinary.  They have saved us tens of thousands of dollars on just one project.

Bill Knobel, the Managing Director, has managed to surround himself with a group of highly qualified but realistic engineers giving them the ability to take control of all planning issues assocaited with our project and achieve the outcomes they promised.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bill and his team and I know you will receive the support and advice that we gained from our association with Knobel Consulting.”

Andrew Clough, Director – Stapylton Developments