Knobel Consulting specialises in delivering a range of professional engineering services, providing our clients in both the public and private sector with quality design, documentation and delivery of projects including:

  • Land Subdivision    – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Aged Care Developments
  • Earthworks – Design, Preloading, Settlement
  • Roadworks – Planning and Design
  • Sedimentation & Erosion Control – Design
  • Hydrology – Hydraulics, 1×2 Dimensional Flood Studies, Hydraulic Impact
  • Stormwater – Quality Management, Detention Design, Pipe Drainage Networks, Culverts, Open Channel Design, Bioretention Basins, Artificial Wetlands, Rainwater Tanks, Water Balance Modelling, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Flood Mitigation
  • Infrastructure – Planning and Delivery
  • Sewerage – Reticulation, Rising Mains, Pump Stations, Vacuum Systems, Network Analysis 
  • Water – Reticulation, Potable and Recycled, Network Analysis
  • Contract Administration – Tendering, Assessment, Management, Works Supervision
  • Traffic and Transport – Traffic Management Strategies, Pavement Design, Road and Traffic Impact Assessments

Knobel Consulting offers clients practical solutions that integrate with the development holistically.

Technology – staff are experienced in the following software applications.

  • 12d Model
  • Keays
  • Autocad 2014, Autoturn, V Path, RISC (Roadside Impact Severity Calculator)
  • PC Drain (Hydraulic Grade Line Analysis)
  • Drains v2005.1 (Hydraulic Grade Line Analysis)
  • Culvert v6, Culvert W (Culvert Analysis and Design)
  • Catchment Sim—GIS v1.08 (Catchment Delineation and Hydrology)
  • HEC-RAS v4.1.2 (Hydraulic Model)
  • Music v3.01 (Stormwater Quality Model)
  • Mike 11 2015 HD (River and Floodplain Hydraulic Model)
  • Mike 21 2015 (Coastal and Floodplain Hydraulic Model)
  • Mike Flood 2015
  • TU Flow 2015
  • XP-SWMM 2015 (Dynamic modelling)
  • WBNM 2002 (Hydrologic Model)
  • P-UDD (Urban Drainage Model)
  • RORB 2015 (Hydrologic Model)
  • Circly v6 (Pavement Design)
  • Sidra Intersection v6 (Traffic Analysis)
  • Microsoft—Word, Excel, Project, Publisher
  • MYOB